Drill Fixture Instructions

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AR-15 or M-16 Bolt Carrier Auto-Sear Trip. It is used to trip the auto-sear in AR-15 Style Bolt Carriers. The unit installs in a few seconds and can be removed just as fast. It is held in place with 2 small set screws. Body of sear trip is made from BRASS. The trip is made from 1050 steel that has been hardened to a 55 Rockwell. Actual BRASS body of sear trip will be NATURAL BRASS IN COLOR, No Coating. Note: You are looking at a Steel Sear Trip body used only for these pictures, actual unit is natural Brass color.

Why spend 100 dollars on an M-16 Bolt Carrier when you can use any AR-15 bolt carrier and convert it to an M-16 Carrier for 1/3 rd the price. In addition, the Select Fire Auto-Sear trip adds some additional mass to the bolt carrier that is removed from the AR-15 carrier during the milling process.  

The Sear trip comes with all the needed hardware and hex wrench that fits all 3 fasteners.

Page contains Products manufactured by Select Fire LLC. Current product is an M-16 Auto Sear Trip tab designed to be used on all AR15 bolt carriers. This tab allows you to convert an AR15 Bolt carrier into an M16 Bolt Carrier in a few seconds. No need to spend 100 dollars on a M-16 bolt carrier when the Select Fire auto sear trip converts any AR-15 bolt carrier to a full auto carrier, allowing Full auto fire. M-16A1 auto sear trip, M16 Auto Sear trip, M-16 Auto sear trip. Ar15 Auto Sear Conversion, AR-15 Bolt Carrier Auto Sear Conversion, Ar15 Bolt Carrier Auto sear trip, AR-15 Colt Auto Sear Trip, AR-15 Bushmaster Auto sear trip conversion, DPMS AR15 Bolt Carrier, Bushmaster Bolt Carrier, Colt Bolt Carrier, Bravo Company Bolt Carrier, Ar15 Bolt Carrier for full auto, Full auto bolt carrier, AR15 Full auto bolt Carrier, AR15 Full auto conversion, AR15 Full auto conversion parts