Drill Fixture Instructions

Select Fire RAZOR GEN 4 through 10

Our receivers are designed use the same parts as the Ruger 10/22 Rifle Receiver


This is the Select Fire Drill fixture designed for the RAZOR receiver (Generations 8 - 10), purchased between January 8th 2010 to current date. It is made from 5/16 thick x 7.275 long x 1.5 inch wide 6061-T6 aluminum. The unit has 2 sides. One side is for drilling the holes on each side of the receiver (Bolt Stop 1/4 pin & the two 3/16 trigger group retaining pin holes). The other side is used for the 5/16ths magazine retention detent hole, #16 stock retaining screw hole and the two #16 V-Block barrel retaining holes. It is recommended that a clamp be used to secure fixture to receiver while drilling holes to prevent fixture from moving. You can use a small C-Clamp or vise grips to secure drill fixture to receiver. We also recommend that a lubricant be used when drilling holes (oil or cutting fluid). We also recommend you check your drill press for proper alignment and being square to table. Drills should be sharp so they do not fly cut holes. A vice should be used to secure receiver during drilling operations. Again, these are only recommendations.

Gen 4 - 7 Drill fixtures and GEN 8 - 10 Drill fixtures are identical in fit form and function, hole and pin locations did not change. However, the NEW GEN 9 drill fixture provides Barrel Hole Locator for all Receivers sold after 2/20/2015.  Your old drill fixture will work with all new receivers. Although, it will not be able to  provide barrel hole location on the new Gen 8 & 9 Receivers. However, all receivers are sold with a drawing of all hole locations to include the barrel hole.

We also have a Barrel Hole Center Finder and Marker that can be purchased by the customers that already own the pre GEN 8 & 10 Drill fixture. This Tool is used to find and mark the center for barrel location.


Tool uses a Round locator that fits exactly in the receiver barrel support radius (.940 Dia) and a Steel pin that marks barrel hole center just like  a punch.

Gen 8 Drill fixtures also have a barrel hole center locator built in. It is placed flat up against the front of the receiver and rested in the lower radius. Use a 1/4 inch punch to mark barrel hole center location on the face of the receiver. BHL is not meant as a drill jig (do not drill barrel hole while using fixture as guide).


Drilling the Barrel V-Block Mounting Screw Holes. The fixture has 3 holes for the nose area. The middle hole is for the stock mounting screw. The two holes that are side by side are for the #16 Drill bit used to secure the V-Block bolt retaining screws. These two holes get drilled all the way through the face of the receiver nose with the #16 drill bit, they then get counter sunk with the 1/4 inch drill bit .625 inches deep. Align the 4 dowel pins as shown in the illustrations. Make sure that the fixture is 90 degrees to the nose before drilling. 

The stock mounting screw hole is drilled using the same fixture area as the V-Block holes. You flip or rotate the fixture on top of the nose area where the barrel rests and use the center hole to drill the number 16 drill bit hole all the way through the nose from top to bottom. Just make sure that fixture and dowel pins are seated all the way against the receiver as shown in pictures. See illustrations.

Drilling the Magazine well 5/16 detent hole is done by inserting the fixture from the magazine well side flush up against the legs and internal face. The center dowel pin needs to be seated against the radius. This hole only needs to be drilled 1/4 inch deep from the tip of the drill. The magazine only has a .070 lip that recesses into the 5/16ths hole. When drilling the 8" long drill bit should almost touch the rear of the receiver (just enough room to slide a paper between the drill bit and receiver). That will give you the 3 degrees. See illustration.

The trigger group retaining pin holes and bolt stop pin hole are drilled from each side of the receiver. You could probably drill strait through the receiver and out the other side but we recommend using the fixture on each side and then running a drill bit through the holes to assure proper alignment. Again, like all drilling operations, the fixture should be secured in place with a c-clamp or vise grips so it does not move during drilling operations. You will drill one 1/4 inch hole on each side of the receiver and two 3/16 holes on each side of the receiver. Make sure you do not use the #16 drill bit holes used for the nose area.


Drilling holes on right side of receiver. Make sure you have a solid 3 point contact with all 3 pins. One at the rear of the receiver and 2 at the base of the receiver.  You can see the two 3/16 holes and the one 1/4 inch bolt stop pin hole that need to be drilled.


Drilling holes on left side of receiver. Make sure you have a solid 3 point contact with all 3 pins. One at the rear of the receiver and 2 at the base of the receiver.  You can see the two 3/16 holes and the one 1/4 inch bolt stop pin hole that need to be drilled.


RAZOR Assembly Video



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