RAZOR 10/22 Receiver Blank & Other Products

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Phil,  p.s.-just finished my first Razor--love your work!!!   Douglas E. H  Jr.

Thanks for the instructions you sent, much appreciated. Received my goods the other day and looks fantastic on my shelf. I went onto your website today to order an anodized version but your sold out. Can you possibly drop me an email when you have these in stock? I presume it is just a simple black anodizing you do? Many thanks for an awesome looking piece.  James  SA  9/3/09

I ordered one of you 10/22 80% receivers, i am completely happy with this receiver it is very well made. However when i went to finish machining it i got coolant on my blueprints that i received with it.  Could you please mail me some more or even email them to me so i can finish my project?  Thanks Cody H.  9/11/09

Just got around to opening the boxes and I must say, the workmanship on the receivers is incredible!  The machined aluminum finish looks great as is.  I haven't measured anything out but I think I can trust it as it fits my Hogue stock perfectly.  I am very pleased with the Razor receivers and look forward to the build. Thanks again, Leonard  CA   9/28/09

I work as a machinist and can say that the tolerances are tighter and better fitting than a stock receiver and that this is a quality receiver.  Customer service is great rapidly answering all questions.  I could not make a better one my self. TX 

I received the receiver today and I gotta tell you what an absolutely beautiful product!!! I couldn't be happier with your product!! I would of paid $500 for a receiver of this quality and craftsmanship and for the price, you'd have to be nuts not to purchase this receiver! Again, thanks so much and rest assured you have a customer for LIFE!!
Lucas G.  MI  10/2/09

Thanks Phil I got it yesterday, I wished you could provide more parts, you do a great job!  Mike  TX  10/3/09

The receiver I got from you guys is a beauty. After some sanding with some 600 grit sand paper it shined like a diamond. The parts all dropped right in perfect fit. These are good quality receivers. I wasn't able to get mine anodized but I'm going to order another one in black soon.  John A.  10/5/09

Phil,You were right - I received the order earlier today. You guys do fantastic work. Thank you very much. I will probably be ordering from you again. But, in the meantime - I will make sure to that I let people know how good your stuff is. Best regards, Tom P.    CT   10/16/2009 

I just got my Razor in the mail today and I am very impressed. The quality of this receiver is exceptional and the price is unbeatable. Not to mention fast shipping as well. I'm glad I got mine now because I can tell you're going to be flooded with orders when words gets out about your work.   -Dave    NJ  12/23/2009

I just got my threaded barrel and comp yesterday, and was amazed by the quick turn around time of the sales transaction to my front door in less 5 business days !  Very impressive !  I shoot mainly for quick target acquisition rather than precision, and was really glad to hear that you guys were able to open up my barrel to shoot most bulk pack ammo out there, "free of charge " !.  'Heck, I tried getting that same request from Tactical Solutions and was told they didn't offer that service.'  I was also amazed on how light your Dominator compensator was !  Great customer Service !  Thank You !  Jesse, VA  1/22/10 

Dear Phil
I received the package today. USPS mail is quite reliable and fast.
The quality of your products is amazing(5 star). Can you thread another barrel for me with 1/2 UNF 20 TPI and same thread compensator.
H S Sandhu  2/1/2010

Dear Select Fire,
I purchased one of your extended black anodized receivers. I really like the quality of the work and am looking forward to completing it.
Kevin B

Hi Phil
I've just finished my receiver and test it. I'm very satisfied of the result. I've ordered 2 other receiver.
Thanks a lot
Younes  (France) 3/7/2010

just received my Razor and all I can say is WOW! Worth every dime. Jeff (California) 5/7/2010


Hello Phil,
 I received the parts, and am pleased "to say the least", super quality and the supporting tools are extremely well made and thought out. It's rare these days when one invests in a product advertised as the best and then receives better. I don't know how many times I've been disappointed in the quality of parts I have purchased with claims and promises they were "the best" then being just another "Damn, I could've done better than that" part. I believe it all come's down to loving what we do along with pride in our talents  and attention to detail. There's no doubt that those are the principle's which make Select Fire products a cut above the rest.
                                                                                                   Jon    MO  5/18/2010

Hi Phil, just wanted to let you know that the gen 4 receiver is a complete success. It works flawlessly and the fit of all parts is top notch. I am very happy with it, and any I purchase in the future will be from your company. Thanks for posting my rifle on the website, kind of prestigious for me. Also, I am very happy with your service as well, I will recommend you to everyone I can. Thanks, Mark. June 8, 2010


Hello Select Fire, The parts received today offer very fine workmanship. Close tolerances and finished product. Shipping was spot on and fast to Canada. Emails were replied to quickly. Excellent work, shipping and communications.  Good guys on the other end of this website! 100% quality in all areas of business...  KW    Canada  7/23/2010


Hi Phil,

I just received my order, thank you very much for upgrade!! the receivers are awsome, very nice product! I'll buy 3 other soon ;) you do a great job. Thanks.

Stirling from France 8/14/2010

I have ordered a Razor Receiver an I am very satisfied about this product.
Thank you very much for the great quality products.  A 8/22/2010  USA

G,day Phil, I'm happy to tell you that all is functioning very well now. I have 2 factory magazines. I had to finish a few thou off the top of one as the mags are very neat fit. I have a Butler creek 25 plastic lips, very hard to get here, works very well and a great mgw 50, also needed a few thou off the top. Runs great, initial problems were failure to feed, and dangerous slam fire. I first relieved bottom of barrel chamber mouth slightly, resolved feed issue, still getting crushed rims on chambering round, compared my barrel chamber dimensions to factory barrel chamber,.003 tighter, put in lathe, wet and dry fine paper around drill shank and polished barrel chamber and opened up .0015,this resolved the misfires and slam-fires. I had to make a trigger housing and I had most fire control parts. I have attached a picture and that's why it has alloy trigger guard. When I finished it you made the trigger guards available for sale, lol. Oh well, it would be great if you put up Butler Creek magazines (steel lips) in your parts list as they are hard to get here. Thanks very much to you and your team there mate great stuff! kind regards,   Paul. AU.  8/22/2010

By the way the gun shoots amazing and everyone asks where i got the reciever and what kind of gun it is since it doesn't look like a 10/22 at all.
thanks again,
matt USA 11/22/2010

Thank you and Merry Christmas. The 10/22 magnum receiver has worked out just great! Keep up the good work.
M. Frost  12/16/2010

Recieved my RAZOR recievers, drill kit and jig today. Everything arrived in great shape. These are really nice. You do good work and I can't wait to get started. Thanks for the upgrade on the V blocks. That was really nice of you. I will definately be back for more and will recommend you whenever I can. I'll send pics when I get them finished in a couple of weeks. Walter 1/5/2011

Hi Phil, 

I am happy to tell you that the stainless charging handle and spring assembly that I ordered on the 11th November was delivered today.  Pretty fast considering it was exported to the UK and Thanksgiving intervened!  I have fitted it within an hour of receiving it and am looking forward to testing it at the range tomorrow night and at the Welsh Gallery Rifle Championships on Saturday. 



Thanks for the 80% receiver and kit, I was able to complete my project over the weekend. Pros: receiver is made from quality aluminum, drill bits are also very good

Your Welcome on the pictures and I see that you have already placed them on the site. By the way, I have tested both receivers with .22 Magnum and .17HMR barrels and they performed perfectly. All I need now is a nice and warm enough day to go and sight them in.1st day it gets above 40º, I’ll be out with both rifles.  Ted 1/27/2011

I received the new parts yesterday and they look good.
The additional parts you provided were an unexpected but great surprise!
Thanks for your help.
     -gary 1/28/2011

Just wanted to thank you for an excellent product and customer service, the receiver was easy to finished and functions flawlessly. I actually had it jam less with cheap ammo than the factory receiver with the same parts. If there were ONE thing I would change, its the addition of a dovetail scope mount on top of the weaver.

Thanks a ton.  Jonah  1/31/2011

I just got the 2 blanks as well as the fixture and other small parts. Everything looks great. Should be pretty simple to complete. Thanks again for the extra parts and I'll be contacting you again soon to buy the rest of the components. Phil 2/7/2011

Phil,  I just want you to know that only yesterday that i was able to zero and shoot my razor 10-22.  First of the rifle is mostly made of parts from you the razor receiver, the barrel, bolt buffer, firing pin, take down screws.  The receiver is very tight some say it's comparable to match receiver.  After zeroing it at 50 yards using CCI standard velocity we started shooting targets at 140 yards our targets are 3x3 inches of steel plates.  Another thing is shipping of ordered items is very fast.


I just whan't you to know that only yesterday that i was able to zero and shoot my razor 10-22.  First of the rifle is mostly made of parts from you the razor receiver, the barrel, bolt buffer, firing pin, take down screws.  The receiver is very tight some say it's comparable to match receiver.  After zeroing it at 50 yards using CCI standard velocity we started shooting targets at 140 yards our targets are 3x3 inches of steel plates.  Another thing is shipping of ordered items is very fast. 10/16/2011 thanks,  Pot

Dear Phil,  This is the second time that I deal with your company, the speed and professionalism in handling my order keep on impressing me! Thank you very much.  Nic Roets

I completed this Razor Magnum for Rick as a partial return for all the help he's given me on my house.  Rick has been hunting prarie dogs in NE Montana the last two years with a Savage 93 17HMR bolt rifle.  I knew if we could pull the build off and get everything running right in your Razor Mag. the dogs will be in big trouble next year.  Heck, I may even go and spot for him. Brian L.

I'd just like to comment on Your service. It's among the best I've experienced shopping on the Internet, and I do a lot of shopping on ebay and others. The service is great, shipping is quick and easy and prices are reasonable. I will highly recommend You to others.

I just received my RAZOR Receiver Blank Anodized Black Extended Rail, and it looks great. I seems You were out of the non-extended rail receiver and just replaced it with the one I just got in the mail. I am so very impressed that You did replace it without questioning. Now that You did, I think I will order a couple more of those later for other builds. The Extended Rail receiver looks very impressive, and I am looking forward to finishing it. I will send You pictures when the Razor 10/22 is finished   B. J. NORWAY

AWSOME Phil, Thanks so much for leading me in the right direction. You have been a great help. I can't wait for the tooling to come so I can get started ion this great product. Shawn M. 4/1/2012

Phil, I bought the receiver partially finished. The receiver had yet to be bored and reamed for a barrel. I used the opportunity to thread a spare Butler Creek barrel to the receiver. Shoots like a dream. 4/1/2012  Regards,  Jeremy

This is a nice a product that I wish I had known about a few years back. Your instructions and tools made it easy for my son and I to build twin rifles. Thank you.. Jeff Jonners 4/2/2012 Ohio

Hello Phil...just finished my build yesterday....receiver was awesome! so was the shipment and the labels on the pacage..... shot it yesterday around 50 rounds!...thanks and keep up the works!...will be sending you pix and yes will be ordering more parts soon...regards Sent from my ASUS Eee Pad DR. B  4/19/2012

Phil, I finished it today.  It took me quite a while to work up the courage to drill the barrel hole, but once I decided to go ahead, I finished the thing in 4 days.  I did it all myself, and only used my drill press and your drill guide.  Once it was set up square, and anchored to the table, I used a 1/4 inch bit to drill a pilot hole, then slowly drilled in 1/16th increments until I hit 11/16.  The drill guide is a life saver.  Everything fell right into place when I assembled it. Thanks for a great product.  Robert B  5/10/2012

Hi, I'm really enjoying my RAZOR Magnum receiver. It is fitted with a Shilen match barrel, Volquartsen trigger assembly, Clark Custom Guns stock. Thanks, Reggie R. (7/20/2012)

Solves my problem of what to do with a large box of various 10/22 parts accumulated over the years. I really don't want to pay what the aftermarket receiver manufacturers are getting for match-quality equipment, and then have to pay a stupid "transfer fee" just because it has a serial number. After the initial investment for the tools and the jig the price of the RAZOR receiver is reasonable enough to build a low-priced fun-gun, and the workmanship is top quality.  Ed B. 8/20/2012

Phil, Just received my order today.  Thank you for the fast shipping. I was not in a hurry to do this project but after examining your impressive workmanship I can't wait to get started.  Thank you for the unexpected extras.  Rest assured that I will do all in my power to promote your business. You are a real class act. Bruce S. (9/22/2012)

Hi Phil,   I received the magnum receiver last year I was too busy to work on it. But now I've got the work done. I don't know if you remember that i wanted to use the .17 hmr with it. Well anyway I have fired a about 8 rounds with it and it works great. Thanks Jimmy W. (11/2/2012)

Hi Phil,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today, man that was fast.  So fast that I haven't even finished shopping around for the other items to complete these! Everything was in perfect condition, and no damage to the contents.  I received the adjustable v block kit instead of the standard v block kit and appreciate the upgrade.  I think that this is going to be a fun build, and think that this is an excellent start.  I will review the material that you sent as well as your tutorials and hopefully soon will sit back and say, "I built this with my own hands."  Many thanks again,  Stephen  1/9/2013

I just finished my first of many to come, love the razor and will be using more than just the receivers I want to support your company in every way that I can.
Thank You. J.C  1/18/2013

Having almost no experience with a drill press.  I was able to complete the receiver without problems.  I followed the instructions on the drill fixture and build instructions pages and turned out a perfectly working receiver.  Of course, the most difficult part was the barrel hole; but with the angle finder and patience it went flawlessly.  I've fired off several hundred rounds from varying manufacturers and have yet to get a malfunction.  I am truly impressed.  Thank you so much for making a great product.  I will send pics when I get the stock painted. Mark  1/19/2013

Thanks just thought you should know, as your product is top quality. Irv  3/29/2013

I really enjoyed building the Razor 10/22 receiver I ordered from you guys. The quality of the 80% receiver was outstanding right out of the box. The drill jig and bit / tap kit are absolute must haves for anyone looking to complete one of these receivers. All high quality equipment and made the job of finishing the receiver very easy. About the only complaint I have, and it's my fault, is I ordered the anodized receiver and I really should have gotten the raw aluminum as I'm planning on painting the rifle in the near future using Duracoat firearms finish and the prep work would go faster had I ordered the unfinished receiver, but as I said, that's my mistake. Live and learn I guess. Right now I have the rifle about 85% complete. What I have left is mostly cosmetic stuff I want to do with the rifle. I have taken it out and shot it several times now, and other than some minor finish sanding / polishing to some of the internal fire control parts, it's turned into a very nice rifle. I am attaching some pictures I took while finishing the receiver, as well as what the rifle currently looks like minus the scope I recently purchased for it. Jason W  4/16/2013

Hi Phil, A follow up? Now that is service! Just what I would expect from a company that makes a high quality product like the Razor! The items arrived very quickly and the build went smoothly. I did save the barrel hole for the mill but the rest I did on my drill press. Now I am thinking about a Razor 22 Mag!  Thanks   Steve 4/16/2013

Phil, Everything arrived on Tuesday and as of yesterday, I've completed all but two holes.   I expect tol finish it up after work today.  I manage a Tool & Die shop with CNC EDM and milling equipment so can say that the exterior finish of your 80% receiver is excellent.  Interior surfaces are not as "finished" but are certainly fine.  I'm looking forward to completing the build this weekend and taking it to the range for trials.  Packaging, quality and price are all quite good and I will probably be buying additional 80%'s in the coming months. Thanks, Michael 4/19/2013

I have built a .17mach 2 10/22 I will post a pic when I snap a photo. The 1st receiver I did the barrel hole wasnt quite right so it was a failure and un useable. The 2nd I had a Gunsmith friend do the barrel hole with a Mill/lathe .It turned out perfect. i did the remaining holes with a mini drill press with 123 blocks. I took it out yesterday and fired 10 rounds. I did polish the inside of the receiver. It has a Hogue 920 stock, Kidd bolt, Kidd 1 stage trigger, Volquartsen Mach 2 Carbon Fiber lite weight barrel and Power Custom Magnesium Heavy bolt. Its very smooth and shot 4 inch groups at 100 ft free hand. Kinda wish it fit my Nordic stock or Troy stock but still very happy. Bill  5/19/2013

Phil, Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I finally got the razor build done and am very satisfied with the results. The jig and your instructions made for a very easy build. The gun has run without a hitch so far. The only problem thus far is the retaining e-clip came off the charging handle, just makes assembly a bit more challenging. Hopefully I will get a picture for you soon. Keep the great products coming. Brent S. 6/1/2013

good quality products.  completed set for .17 hmr and it  works like a charm.  went slow with recoil springs trimed only 1 round at a tme off springs and a half round on the last trim.  used a small piece of soap stone tied to the bolt handle to mark travel upon firing.  made good reference on receiver and wiped right off when done. cleaned after 30 rounds - no problems.  am going to set up for .22mag. but will need an additional set of springs as chamber is much different.  a whole lot of bang for the buck and I know it will come in very handy!  Many thanks BJ Buskirk  6/3/2013

Hello: Thanks for your fast shipping, I received my receiver today...This is my second one, I got hookrd on the first one and had to build another. A great product......Thanks Jesse 6/27/2013

Hey Phil, Everything is great – excellent quality but I knew that and that is the reason for my purchase…and thanks for the hat! -Christopher  6/27/2013

Greeting ! Purchased all the parts I needed to complete My 10/22 build , including the receiver jig. Everything Went together perfect and could not have been Easier! Thanks for all the help !  Taylor  7/11/2013


Hi Phil, Thanks for the great jig and bit kit! My first receiver worked out great. I thought the barrel hole would be the hardest but for me it was the v-block holes. Mike 3/21/14

Couldn't have done better as far as the craftsmanship Phil.. very pleased with what you sent me. This will be a family heirloom for a long time. Sincerely pleased!
PHIL A  12/18/13

The parts that I ordered from you, are a very fine quality, and I look forward to getting the time to take them out to my garage, and setting them up in my milling machine to finish them. Thank you Bradford P  9/21/2013

Great product. I'll send a picture of my AGP Arms-based takedown Ruger 10/22 which uses the Razor 80% receiver I got from you guys in January:  Gary M. 4/20/2015

Hi, The receiver worked out great and I have test fired it and it works perfectly. Quality was very good and  I have a lathe and mill so it was easy to complete. Dennis M  6-28-15

AS usual good selectfire quality an attention to detail,works fine. Retired and Happy 7/28/2015

hello I just got it yesterday very nice receiver this is no. 3 the other 2 work just fine thanks. Bernard G.. 8/13/2015

Phil, I just received my barrel back. It looks great, thank you for the sterling service and the thread protector. Neale 8/28/2015

Totally amazed at the promptness of shipping. This is a quality made product which is easily installed or removed from your carrier. Although it adapts the AR-15 carrier to act like an M-16 carrier, it also adds weight to the bolt carrier assembly. Rick. 9/26/2015

The barrel hole locator is an Awesome little tool. Made centering the barrel on the 10/22 80% receiver a breeze. Very well designed and quality material. Tom W. 10/2/2015